It’s been described as a place where children can hang out with the likes of Freddy Flamingo, Chatty Caracal and Molly Monkey. The backdrop: A tropical virtual reality paradise.

In June, the Northwestern Mutual Foundation took the wraps off Butterfly Island, a new virtual reality game that was developed with a specific group of children in mind — those battling cancer.

“It felt like we could do some real good with this one,” said Stig Haagensen, vice president of digital innovation at Northwestern Mutual.

The goal, Haagensen said, is for Butterfly Island to have a calming effect — a concept perhaps best represented by the various components of the game.

Players have a number of options, including stops at a lemonade stand on the island to gather treasure or points. Other prospects include sitting on the beach and watching the waves lap up on the shore. Read the full story here.