The Wisconn Valley Venture Fund is a unique partnership among four leading companies to create one of the largest funds based in Wisconsin to drive innovation

MILWAUKEE, Aug. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Advocate Aurora Health, Foxconn Technology Group, Johnson Controls and Northwestern Mutual will come together as equal partners to create the new $100 million Wisconn Valley Venture Fund. The early-stage venture capital fund will invest both nationally and globally, targeting transformative and interdisciplinary innovations in health care, technology, manufacturing and financial services.

Each organization will contribute $25 million to the fund as the latest step by the companies in their commitment to advancing innovative technology and positioning southeastern Wisconsin as a global technology hub. The goal of the fund is to generate strong investment returns while also offering the opportunity to create strategic benefits among the four firms and the companies in which the fund invests.

“Since Foxconn announced our investment to help create Wisconn Valley one year ago, we have been working actively to contribute to a vibrant business and industry environment in the state. We are pleased to partner with like-minded organizations who share Foxconn’s vision to revolutionize technical innovation through the fund,” said Terry Gou, founder and CEO of Foxconn Technology Group. “As the global leader in technology and manufacturing services, we are uniquely positioned to promote the development of new and emerging technologies around the world. These technologies will drive not only our company’s sustainable growth, but the continued advancement of our industry and the AI 8K+5G ecosystem. We look forward to enabling entrepreneurs and startups to find success for transformative solutions through the fund.” Read the full story here.

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