Image result for scott neitzelToday, former Wisconsin Department of Administration head Scott Neitzel announced the launch of Wilson Wells Advisory Services, a specialized consulting firm focused on helping its clients navigate the complex realm in which business and government intersect.

“After 30 years in senior level positions in government and private sector management and my most recent tenure in Governor Walker’s administration, I am thrilled to announce this new chapter,” said Scott Neitzel, Founder of Wilson Wells. “I look forward to helping clients benefit from the experiences and insights I have gained through the management of a number significant projects in government and the private sector.”

Neitzel brings to Wilson Wells a wealth of experience, knowledge, instinct, and the interpersonal skills and relationships to translate complex problems into understandable and actionable solutions. Backed by an over thirty-year track record at the highest levels of business-to-business and business-to-government situations, a broad array of industry knowledge, and extensive professional contacts, Wilson Wells offers the capability to help clients navigate anything from a focused local issue to the most complex international negotiations and agreements.

Visit to learn more about the firm and determine how Wilson Wells can help achieve your objectives.