Could Milwaukee be the next Silicon Valley? A lot of studies will lead you to believe there’s not enough start-up activity or young talent in the city. But local entrepreneurs are describing unprecedented momentum here.

“We can make Milwaukee a technology center,” said Larry Hitchcock, who left Wisconsin after college to work in Silicon Valley. “Previous national studies have consistently rated Milwaukee and Wisconsin as last in startup activity, but that’s very far from my experience. I believe the growth here is occurring more rapidly than the numbers and pundits have really observed.”

While visiting his family in Milwaukee last year, Hitchcock randomly attended a “Startup Milwaukee” event. “Startup Milwaukee” is a group that fosters support for entrepreneurs on their journey. For one week every October, there is “Startup Milwaukee Week” – which connects entrepreneurs to hundreds of events throughout the state of Wisconsin to network and build ideas.

“The startup scene here is accelerating at a rate that is just amazing to see,” Hitchcock said. Read the full story here.