A faculty member at the Medical College of Wisconsin has spun out a new company, RPRD Diagnostics, which says it will help examine genetic profiles of its customers’ patients to determine how they are likely to react to particular drugs.

Milwaukee-based RPRD, which stands for “Right Patient Right Drug,” was publicly unveiled on Monday. Founder and CEO Ulrich Broeckel says he’ll continue to serve as a professor and researcher at MCW, in addition to his duties at the new company.

Broeckel anticipates that RPRD will serve as a clinical reference lab for a few different types of organizations, including hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. These groups will send samples to RPRD, which will perform tests and analysis on them, he says. The company will then send reports back detailing, among other things, variations in patients’ genomes that could affect how safe drugs are for them, and how effectively they work. Read the full story here.