Keep up with the latest news from Wisconsin’s innovation community, starting with these recent headlines:

—Takeda, a pharmaceutical company based in Japan, is developing a vaccine for Zika virus at the laboratory it operates in Madison, the Wisconsin State Journalreported. The company is reportedly working on tests that would tell researchers whether the vaccine, which uses an inactivated virus, is safe and effective in clinical studies. Takeda is planning to move the 23-person lab to Boston next year, when clinical trials are expected to begin, according to the report.

—Locally and nationally, shared office spaces are becoming a popular option for entrepreneurs and people who work remotely. 100state, a coworking space in Madison that launched in 2013 and now has nearly 300 members, will move into a new building with a larger floor plan in January. WeWork and Regus are the two largest coworking organizations in the U.S. by leased office space but both have yet to set up shop in Wisconsin. Read the full story here.