Virtual #ESSWI 2020: Nov. 9-11

Young companies will pitch to potential investors and others throughout the course of the Nov. 9-11 2020 Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium.

That includes companies selected by conference organizers to present  during the Tech Council Investor Networks tracks and other companies picked for the popular Elevator Pitch Olympics. We anticipate nearly 90 companies from across the Midwest applied to present at the annual conference or to meet with investors through the Investor Intros track.

The Tech Council Investor Network tracks will feature companies making five-minute presentations during two sessions, morning and afternoon. About half of the selected TCIN companies are engaged in health care, biotechnology or health IT; the remainder are focused on software, advanced manufacturing, agriculture, services and sustainability.


AirDeck [Madison, Wis.] is an online platform that gives you the power to walk someone through any document (presentation, legal agreement, contract, etc.) using your voice and video.

Blue Line Battery [Whitewater, Wis.] develops advanced battery technology that is truly accessible to the industrial market through both cutting-edge engineering and innovative financing initiatives.

Carepool [Madison, Wis.] is on a path to becoming the first profitable U.S. rideshare while solving problems for rural areas and medicaid/medicare systems.

Cellular Logistics [Madison, Wis.] is developing a new therapeutic approach for treating heart failure.

C-Motive Technologies [Madison, Wis.] is a provider of high-torque, low-speed electric motors for e-mobility and renewable generation, offering 10x performance, 98% energy efficiency, and unmatched simplicity.

Estrigenix Therapeutics [Mequon, Wis.] is developing a patented first-in-class drug (EGX358) to treat hot flashes and dementia in menopausal women.

Mobile22: [Madison, Wis.] is a mobility platform that is Uberifying taxi providers and aggregating them on a nationwide network.

MyGenomeRx [Lincolnwood, Ill.] brings personalized medicine to consumers, by offering an educational web tool that identifies potential gene-drug interactions, based on their Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) genetic tests.

OnTracMD [Madison, Wis.] is pioneering physical therapy technology that provides a touch-free remote delivery of physical therapy services, that significantly enhances the workflow of physicians and therapists while improving the recovery process of patients.

Part Analytics: [Milwaukee, Wis.] is an Enterprise SaaS startup offering an AI-powered supply management solution that helps manufacturing companies transform sourcing into a strategic advantage by combining internal, market and community data to continuously deliver opportunities to reduce cost and mitigate

Plumb Pharmaceuticals [Madison, Wis.] has developed a platform technology using lipid nanoparticles for the development of extended-release medications.

Polco [Middleton, Wis.] improves how local governments and residents communicate through online, verified surveys and policy polls for performance benchmarks and resident satisfaction sentiment.

Predictive Health Partners [West Des Moines, Iowa] is a technology company developing Benjamin™AI–the first, proactive prescription shopping tool that identifies savings and reduces risks of an Adverse Drug Event (ADE).

Pyran [Madison, Wis.] makes renewable, low-cost ingredients for everyday materials such as paints, coatings, adhesives, and plastics.

Qobotix [Ventura, Calif] with a R&D office in Madison, is developing the operating system for collaborative robots that will do for industrial automation space what Android OS have done for Mobile Phones.

Real Time Risk Solutions [Chicago, Ill.] offers a mobile-first platform streamlines risk management for distributed workforces and is trusted by partners, like Zurich Insurance, to keep clients safe.

RoddyMedical [Wauwatosa, Wis.] is a woman-owned company that designs, develops and commercializes innovative medical devices focusing on improving clinical and patient safety.

Sift Healthcare [Milwaukee, Wis.] is a healthcare payments analytics and data science company. Sift’s data platform, dashboards and reporting, machine-learning integrations and C-Suite intelligence tools work to improve revenue cycle operations so that healthcare providers can better allocate resources, accelerate cash flow and improve payment outcomes.

UpStream [Eau Claire, Wis.] works to create modern visual experiences by eliminating the hassles and costs of digital content systems with the first wireless delivery platform.

Volexion [Chicago, Ill.] produces Northwestern/Argonne nano-graphene coating, improves Li-ion battery cathode materials 10x. Cuts costs 30%, and is poised to move the EV industry 10 years forward.


Melius Outcomes: [Milwaukee, Wis.] M-screen is a produced by Milwaukee based Melius Outcomes. The M-Screen app integrates all your COVID-19 data and serves as a passport so you can enjoy your new-normal life again and visit venues and events.

Trajektory [Chicago, Ill.] was created with the purpose of solving a variety of data and reporting issues that plague teams, leagues, events and agencies in the area most crucial to local revenue growth in sports: sponsorship.

Talent Bandit [Madison, Wis.] is a software company that sells an all-in-one platform to access resumes, assessments, work samples and video interviews, Talent Bandit helps your job candidates stand out — and your clients make faster hires.

Roamli [Chicago, Ill.] is a technology company leveraging AI to help curate people unique experiences around the world instantaneously by providing a fun, flexible, and easy-to-use platform.

Mappix [Madison, Wis.] is a social network for drone pilots and aerial imagery, featuring a map for consolidating, managing, visualizing and sharing drone pictures and videos that users store locally and in their favorite cloud locations without requiring unnecessary shuffling of data from one storage location to another.

Vivid Microscopy [Hartland, WI] is a company that is expediting the development of new treatments for complications related to COVID-19. 

Nobbits USA [Fitchburg, Wis.] is an innovative shoelace that provides security and enhanced performance, manufactured from U.S.-made materials.

eCourt Reporters [Burlington, Wis.] is a two-sided marketplace for law firms, government entities, and court reporting agencies to schedule court reporters and legal videographers for legal proceedings outside of the courthouse across the United States with live search capabilities.

SuperBetter [Chicago, Ill.] is an EdTech company empowering success at school, work and life by increasing resilience, mental health and social-emotional skills.

Boosted Chews [Madison, Wis.] are caffeinated chocolate chews that provide consumers with an alternate method to supplement their caffeine needs.

Satori Food Project [Milwaukee, Wis.] is a pharmaceutical company offering functional foods that improve the performance of mental health therapy, focusing specifically on patients with anxiety disorders. [Chicago, Ill.] is a HIPAA compliant messaging hub helps healthcare professionals spend less time chasing people and more time caring for patients. Slack for healthcare, but better.

Otrafy [Minneapolis, Minn.] is an enterprise SaaS that automates the collection and transfer of food safety and certification data. 

Shenanigan Kids [Black Earth, Wis.] has developed the Figgy: The ultimate play set, thoughtfully designed for building forts, chillin’ out and tagging along into kids’ imaginations.

eCIO [Madison, Wis.] is a virtual InvesTech platform providing investment and technology solutions to nonprofit organizations and enterprise clients.

WilCraft Can [Oak Creek, Wis.] is a packaging supply chain solutions provider focused on the craft beverage industry, we provide mobile packaging services, packaging materials, late-stage product differentiation and digital printing direct onto beverage cans so our customers can meet the ever changing demands of their consumers.

Steady Shot [Milwaukee, Wis.] is a medical device company offering a proprietary add-on for insulin pens that makes injecting insulin and rotating injection sites easier.