2016 Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium

This fall’s Early Stage Symposium offered more opportunities than ever before for companies to interact with angel and venture investors from Wisconsin and well beyond.  

In addition to the Tech Council Investors’ Network and the ever-popular Elevator Pitch Olympics, this year’s conference debuted a speed-dating segment – “Investor Intros” – that allowed entrepreneurs to introduce themselves and their ideas to investors.

Tech Council Investors’ Network presentations – Wednesday, Nov. 16:
The TCIN tracks featured 28 companies from the Midwest representing an array of industries, such as advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, health care, information technology, medical device and mobile application sectors. This year’s companies:

  • 3PrimeDx – Lincolnshire, Ill.-based company developing a suite of heart failure-related biomarkers. The lead product is a first-in-class molecular diagnostic blood test that is more than 97 percent accurate for detecting risk of Sudden Cardiac Death.
  • AG Gas – Hudson-based agriculture company addressing global-scale issues: excess industrial CO2, scarcity of water supplies, and increased worldwide demand for fresh, healthy food.
  • Classmunity – Whitefish Bay-based IT company with comprehensive K-12 fundraising management system for educators that allows school districts to easily and securely raise cash, credit and check funds.  
  • C-Motive – Madison-based company developing and commercializing a revolutionary new electric motor for emerging, high-growth markets.
  • DCT Springfield, Mo.-based health-IT company. DotCom Therapy® is answering the nationally significant speech therapist shortage
    by offering a higher quality of service online.
  • Ebullient – Madison-based IT company offering precision cooling systems using Novec 7000 liquid for electronic hardware.
  • Field59 – Madison-based company with an enterprise online video platform for premium content creators and media companies. Field59 offers cloud-based video software that helps customers build their brands using video.
  • GlucanBio – Madison-based agricultural technology company that repurposes lignocellulosic (non-food) biomass into three high-value chemicals and biomaterials.
  • HealthDecision – Madison-based health-IT company that builds software tools to support doctor-patient discussions, document shared decision making, and graphically display the benefits and harms of medical options.
  • ImageMover MD – Middleton-based health-IT company with a medical imaging software that provides seamless image connectivity solutions that integrate medical images with enterprise image management and electronic health record systems.
  • Innoblative – Chicago, Ill.-based healthcare company that develops the first and only set of radiofrequency ablation devices to kill residual cancer cells during surgery.
  • Insulete Madison-based biotechnology company developing a cure to Type I Diabetes with Gene Therapy. Insulete has discovered and patented a DNA sequence which is glucose responsive and promotes the activation of the human insulin gene in a physiological fashion.
  • Intellivisit – Waukesha-based healthcare company that keeps people healthy by integrating care for minor illnesses into the rhythms of their daily, busy lives. Intellivisit utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance and extend care.
  • Isomark – Madison-based healthcare company offering non-invasive, rapid determination of metabolic status using biomarkers in breath for the early detection of severe infections and tracking of a patient’s response to treatment.  
  • Learning Games Studios – Madison-based IT company offering evidence-based educational games for adult education and career pathways that motivate and engage learners and deliver measurable learning outcomes.  
  • Linectra – Madison-based manufacturing company developing a high-resolution and high-throughput 3D metal printer that serves as a platform for manufacturers to rapidly produce their own custom metal products.
  • LynxBio – Madison-based biotechnology company developing rapid tests that enable the prediction of clinical treatment response for multiple myeloma and other blood cancer patients.
  • Metria – Milwaukee-based company manufacturing patented optical 3D motion tracking systems to address challenges in physical therapy.
  • NewOz Big Data Analytics – Menomonee Falls-based IT company that enables customers to make confident profit maximizing business decisions. To date, NewOz has found millions of dollars of profit for the CFOs at Ford, GM, and Toyota.
  • NRU-Nutrient Recovery and Upcycling – Madison-based company building technologies that recover valuable nutrients from waste waters as high-grade fertilizers.
  • OneEvent Technologies – Mount Horeb-based IT company transforming the security and life safety system landscape with a smart, data-driven building protection solution that predicts trouble before it happens.
  • OnLume – Madison-based healthcare company improving surgery outcomes by imaging surgical sites for residual cancer and blood perfusion.
  • Pilot Training System – Madison-based IT company building and end-to-end SaaS product that will serve the operational needs of more than 500,000 commercial drone pilots who will join the American workforce within the next five years.
  • Polco – Madison-based IT company helping local governments save time and money connecting with their citizens. The platform offers web-based polling and civic analytics to increase civic engagement.
  • Prospex Medical Partners – Stillwater, Minn.-based company collaborating with physicians from the Mayo Clinic who have invented minimally invasive tools and techniques (patent pending) to treat a form of heart failure characterized by heart muscles that are stiff and do not fill up with blood easily.
  • Simply Incredible Foods – Port Edwards-based agriculture company expanding innovation into the grocery freezer aisle by turning bitter tasting fruits such as cranberry into a great tasting frozen treat.
  • Spaulding Medical – West Bend-based health-IT company where innovative engineering meets purposeful design, ushering in a new paradigm in cardiac safety.  The mission: To make hospital quality cardiac care affordable and accessible to the people who need it the most.
  • Thermatome – Chicago, Ill.-based company focusing on developing devices to treat surgical margins with a  20-minute hot balloon to eliminate the need for radiation.

Congrats to 2016 Winners: RentDrop + Gregor Diagnostics!

Elevator Pitch Olympics – Thursday, Nov. 17:
Companies selected for the Elevator Pitch Olympics had the opportunity to give a 90-second pitch in front of conference attendees and a panel of six investors. The investors scored the presenters on a scale of 1 to 5, focusing on whether the pitch was compelling enough to arrange a follow-up meeting, and will offer immediate feedback. This year’s presenters:

  • 3D Dairy Foods
  • Alfred
  • Asto CT
  • BrightLife Innovations
  • BuildingBlock
  • Cellara
  • Cicerologic Solutions
  • Farmsense-Farmcents
  • Forsythe & Storms Technologies
  • Gregor Diagnostics
  • LifeMapping
  • Lumi.Live
  • Megalodon Insurance Systems
  • RentDrop
  • Snugb
  • The MiniClassy
  • Third Coast Therapeutics
  • TimeCenter – Visionary Business Solutions
  • Updown
  • Voxello
  • WeightUpSolutions

NEW in 2016:

Investor Intros – Thursday, Nov. 17:
New this year were the Investor Intros. Companies selected for the Investor Intros had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with investors from Wisconsin and beyond. To foster this type of communication, the Investor Intros featured scheduled, 5 to 7-minute strategic meetings between investors and emerging companies. This format resembled a “speed dating” exercise, allowing both parties to learn more about each other and explore potential relationships. Confirmed investors were:

We look forward to hopefully seeing you next year.